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The baby is still young and likes to doodle everywhere, so he can paint on the newly painted wall, because this is a latex paint suitable for chalk writing. The baby can draw if he wants to, and then scrub it with a towel. It is very convenient to take care of

Aside from being reusable, shopping tote bags are also extremely versatile. They are not limited to just grocery shopping; in fact, they can be used for a multitude of purposes. Need to run errands around town? Grab your tote bag and save yourself from accumulating unnecessary plastic bags. Heading to the beach for a day in the sun? Pack your towel, sunscreen, and book in your trusty tote bag. Going to a picnic with friends? Tote bag to the rescue! Their versatility makes them an essential accessory for any occasion.

Reasons for being on the list: Vosges Group Co., Ltd., Jieyu, a well-known brand of towels, began in 1987, listed companies, high-tech enterprises, industry standard drafting units, one of the home textile production bases with the largest production scale, the highest level of technology and equipment and the most complete product category in the world.

2. Use a special antifogging agent, spray it on the front windshield of the car, and then wipe it clean with a towel, which will form a protective film on the surface of the front windshield. This protective film can change the surface tension of water molecules, so that when water falls on the surface of the front windshield, it can disperse quickly and will not condense into fog;

baggu towell

5 minutes before lactation, hot compress the hard lump with a towel (slightly higher than the hand temperature), which can help the blood circulation, let the silted milk flow out smoothly, and let the baby eat more milk.

3 、? Take care of your lips before going to bed: apply a hot, damp towel to your lips before going to bed to moisturize the mucous membrane of your lips, and then apply honey or baby lipstick to help restore moisturization of your dry lips.

We prepared a wooden boat with boiled water, tea, towels, cigarettes, matches, ashtrays and so on. Chairman Mao was very comfortable swimming in his own way, either swimming on his back or smoking on the sea. If you travel for a long time, you will board the fixed platform in Shanghai (250 meters from the seaside) to rest for 20 minutes, have a cigarette, have a cup of tea, and then swim for an hour.

If the feathered flying insects fall on towels, bath towels, toothbrushes and other towels in the bathroom, or even fly out and land on food. In this way, bacteria and viruses will be brought to it. When the human body is in contact or eating, it is easy to be infected with diseases such as E. coli.

After washing your head, it will take you to the kitchen to blow at a high temperature, which will cause the moisture in the hair to boil and vaporize quickly, creating bubbles in the hair and seriously damaging the hair. Hair is easy to break or gently press and dry the excess moisture with a dry towel before blowing the hair.

baggu towell

(2) in the prevention of trachoma, teach students to pay attention to eye hygiene and not to share a towel with others, and to often sterilize and disinfect. Do not rub your eyes with your hands. If you find trachoma, you should do it in time. In particular, it is necessary to find the whole family to prevent the disease and effectively stop the direct spread and spread of the disease from person to person.