had prepared cups, pillows and even toothbrush towel s for the children.

had prepared cups, pillows and even toothbrush towel s for the children.

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Then we saw her friend (a 16-year-old girl who was also said to be suspended from school), and then her mother took over her cell phone. After chatting for a few minutes, the other person was very nice, enthusiastic and took good care of the children. they had prepared cups, pillows and even toothbrush towels for the children. My wife and I are finally relieved.

It is recommended to wash twice and squeeze two pumps each time. If the hair is dirty, you will not be able to get foam the first time, then rinse it a little, and then wash it for the second time when there is obviously no foam. Believe me, there will be a lot of foam in the second time. Fully hit the foam, and then massage the scalp with your fingers. Wash the hair thoroughly after washing, and then be sure to use a conditioner. Remember that the conditioner cannot be rinsed too clean. Conditioner can only smear the end of the hair, then squeeze out most of the moisture with your hands, and then wipe it along the hair with a towel, not randomly. If you have finished washing your hair, you must dry it with a hair dryer. If you are tired, you will blow it later. Just sauce

In addition, the use of hair dryers is also exquisite. It is important to set a reasonable wind and temperature and to keep the hair blowing distance moderate. As long as it is used properly, the hair dryer is much less harmful to the hair than ravaging the hair scales with towels and drying the scalp under intense ultraviolet rays and high temperatures.

1. The facial towels, foot towels and bath towels of gray nail patients should be separated and often sterilized, and the towels should be kept dry; do not wear popular slippers outside, such as bath centers, swimming pools and so on.

If you find that the child has been bitten by a mosquito, the mother can immediately find a hot towel to help the child make a hot compress at the bite. This operation is very simple, and can quickly help children stop itching, the effect is very obvious. After repeated several times, the child basically stopped itching. Of course, if the child scratches the skin, he needs to master the temperature, and it depends on whether the child is matched or not.