whole body model. this handbag from South Korean

whole body model. this handbag from South Korean

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Not only the main item echoes with the clothing color style, but even the selected bag is very particular about the color pattern, and the white bottom is perfectly integrated with the black pattern decoration and the whole body model. this handbag from South Korean local designers adds a lot of points to the overall shape, and this bag is just over a thousand, which is really frugal compared to the title of first lady.

The size 22 handbag is large, and the small size can hold a 13-inch laptop, but in fact, the chain of this bag is relatively thin, so carrying heavy objects will put a great burden on the shoulders, or it is more suitable to hold some documents or daily necessities.

The editor learned from the friends around him that everyone was very interested in lv handbags, so they bought a few lv handbags. Speaking of lv handbags, there are indeed many styles that are popular. But you may not understand how much a second-hand lv handbag can sell. The editor will explain it to you next. Lv bag, as the leader of luxury bags at present, its value is already very high, so how much you can sell for recycling like a second-hand lv handbag also depends on the value of your bag itself.

After that, I will also introduce you to the evolutionary history of this classic LV handbag that has been madly used by ladies. It has a history of more than 80 years. Maybe you are not very familiar with the name of this LV handbag, but I think you must be all too familiar with the appearance of this bag. The round shape like rugby makes the space of the handbag more spacious and open, and the padlock attached to the zipper makes people have a greater sense of trust in the safety of the bag. Besides, this bag is backed by Hepburn. She is holding a LVSpeedy25. How can the LV handbag held by Hepburn not be a classic?

whole body model. this handbag from South Korean

The combination of refreshing white and navy blue looks good in summer. It can be matched with a pattern scarf so that it does not look stiff, and the overall fineness of the shape will be improved immediately. For bags, choosing a black handbag can increase the fashion sense of a 30-year-old woman.

Careful netizens found the same style of the house bag online, and the recovery price was between 150 and 1.7 million +. It can be seen that this handbag is really a luxury of luxury goods. Generally speaking, rich women and socialites cannot afford to buy such an expensive handbag. He is the richest woman who has this strength. Hundreds of famous handbags alone have already realized the freedom of luxury bags.