it with a dry towel to keep the whole

it with a dry towel to keep the whole

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The tail comes to the bathroom area, using the telescopic design of preferred patented technology, the toilet space is more spacious, and the expanded area can reach 1.5 inches. To solve the problem of insufficient space in the toilet area, the bathroom is equipped with straight-row toilets, integrated shower showers, bath glasses with lights, towel racks, clothes and hat hooks, shower curtains, lockers, and internal facilities are still very complete.

According to the age characteristics of young children, competitions such as peeling oranges, folding towels, arranging books and receiving toys are designed. In the competition, the children were all bold and positive, and the whole process was tense, intense and happy, and the scene issued bursts of applause and cheers from time to time. After the game, the children were still immersed in it, with proud smiles on their faces.

it with a dry towel to keep the whole

Through this educational theme class meeting, let students realize that swimming is not only a good fitness exercise, but also an important escape ability. Before swimming, not only bathing suits, swimming caps, swimming goggles and other equipment should be prepared, but also adequate warm-up exercises should be done to ensure the safety of launching. And do not swim or play in dangerous waters where there is a “danger of deep water, no playing” warning sign, but swim in a regular swimming pool. After swimming, you should also pay attention to health protection, dry the body with a dry towel after swimming, and do several relaxation exercises and limb massages to avoid muscle fatigue.

To repair the car windshield, we should first clean the surroundings, remove some of the existing sludge and dirt, and then wipe it with a dry towel to keep the whole glass clean and tidy, so as to check the repair situation. Repair cracks should be fixed in the repair place, and should pay attention to the firmness of the fixed, there can be no deviation, repair is usually injection repair glass transparent resin, pay attention to observe the flow direction of the resin in the injection process, to accurately fill the cracks, to avoid some local problems, affecting the entire repair effect.

To block ultraviolet rays for you, protect your skin, light luxury family water sense sunscreen spray bottle will change color when encountered with ultraviolet light, using the most advanced science and technology, if you sweat more, or are swimming, even if you use anti-sweat and waterproof sunscreen products, I suggest you re-apply it every hour, after sunburn, you can use cold towels, ice towels or cold mask cold compress. Another important point to remind you is: if you are already sunburned, do not continue to bask outside. UVB ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the skin in a very short time,

As soon as I enter the classroom every day, the first thing is to open the window for ventilation, do a good job in the disinfection of towels and cups, and all kinds of sanitary work. In peacetime, in order to let children develop good living habits, when washing, they can watch the order in time, pay attention to the safety of children, and give them the correct method of hand washing, even if it is cold, let children insist on washing their hands before and after meals. At lunchtime, let the children do not speak, quietly and happily eat their own meal, so that not picky food, partial food, for picky eating children, give guidance, gradually train children to be good. Eating habits; in the siesta, I strictly require children to develop good siesta habits, train children to sleep in the correct position, sleep quietly; in pick-up, adhere to the separation of people and cards, conscientiously complete their duties, and serve the children wholeheartedly. The happiness of the children is the encouragement to my work, the satisfaction of the parents, and the affirmation of my work.